Steph Runs

This Week’s Workouts
For the Week of  8/16:
Monday 8/16 – Total Body Conditioning Class
Tuesday 8/17 – Spin
Wednesday 8/18 – Total Body Conditioning Class
Thursday 8/19 – Run or Spin
Friday 8/20 – Rest
Saturday 8/21 – Run
Sunday 8/22 -Rest

2009 Races
I  participated in New York Road Runners 9+1 program to get guaranteed entry into the NYC Marathon for 2010. I had to run 9 NYRR races and volunteer for 1 race in 2009.
**I decided not to accept my entry into the 2010 NYC Marathon.  This year I want to focus on my fitness and maybe run a few shorter races before comitting to another marathon!

MORE Women’s Half Marathon (4/26)
R Baby 4 miler (5/10)
Healthy Kidney 10k (5/16)
Brooklyn Half Marathon (5/30)
NYRR Women’s Mini 10k (6/7)
Run for the Parks 4 miler (7/18)
NYC Half Marathon (8/16)
Grete’s Great Gallop Half Marathon (10/15)
NYC Marathon (11/1)


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